5 Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom

A bathroom renovation is a great starting point for your home remodel. We’ve done our fair amount of bathroom renovations, and have some words of wisdom to share to help you get to that beautiful washroom you’ve been dreaming of instead of tripping over a renovation nightmare.



Using an “all in one paint and primer” is a huge mistake. Forget the labeled claims on the can! Especially in moisture closets, these all-in-one products don’t have the solidifying properties of a high-quality “new drywall” primer. Primers were designed for new drywall and have a thinner consistency to soak into the drywall patches and seams, which solidifies the finish of the wall. After priming, use a moisture-resistant paint to prevent the paint from peeling off the wall.


    Every year, cool new bathroom features and gadgets enter the market. “Our rule of thumb is to make the bigger, more permanent items more classic, and then with things that are easier to change out—think wallpaper, light fixtures—make them more trendy.” This will allow you to have a bathroom that won’t need to be remodeled again for another five years or so.

    Lessons from pink toilets of the past: Bathroom remodels are a big investment, so make sure your design choices will last for years to come. Having to revamp elements every few years is not the best way to spend your hard earned cash. 



      The one area where you shouldn’t skimp on is proper ventilation. “Without it, humidity and moisture will wreak havoc on your materials and finishes and make your brand-new bathroom prime real estate for mold”.

      Invest in a fan with a timer switch. Your fan should actually run up to 15 minutes after you’ve stepped out of the shower. This helps reduce condensation and will prevent your ceiling paint from bubbling (and spores of mold from growing). This is a code requirement if you don’t have a window in your bathroom, but even if there is a window, a high-quality vent is still a good idea.



        I’ve created a strict yet simple rule for mixing finishes: don’t mix more than two types of metals, woods or tiles. You don’t want your washroom to look more like a sample room than the spa-tacular space you deserve. Sophistication and flow come from the repetition of materials, which is especially important in small spaces like washrooms.



          The classic-standard bathroom has a small footprint, which makes lighting extra important to creating a functional yet soothing space. A pot light or two is great in the shower because it does a nice job of brightening the space without getting in the way. On the other hand, a vanity mirror is better lit with a wall sconce or two, simply because it casts fewer shadows on your face, which is more flattering and practical for the daily primp.

          We’ve provided more than enough expert advice on the importance of not blowing your budget on impulse buys—trendy items or features that you might not use. Now is your chance to build your dream bathroom with all of the above in mind, nonetheless if you decide you need a hand feel free to call us!


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