5 Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

Having well designed outdoor spaces for your guest can highly improve the experience they’ll have in your little paradise/retreat, and just maybe have them coming back for more.

In fact creating an outdoor living space that looks close to the living space inside your home is actually the trend. We do recommend the use of wood or steel to create an outdoor frame or gazebo and shell to keep everything in this space dry and away from the rest of the elements.

Rustic Outdoor Bar

According to AC Development Group “an outdoor bar can be a great addition to your yard. Some outdoor  bars feature exposed stone and brushed-metal furniture. The contrast between the two elements helps to create a chic modern rustic feel in the space. To add to the ambiance of the space we suggest soft lighting.”


Outdoor Kitchen Space

You could easily go inside to utilize your kitchen and prepare meals and snacks, but why not make life easy by creating an outdoor kitchen space! 

Your outdoor kitchen can be out in the open or under a framed space to keep you out of the sun more. There are many different options for outdoor kitchens, so you will never need to settle when it comes to the things you want the most. Think how it would facilitate your BBQ season!


Inviting Balcony

Balconies are great spaces to get creative. You can create a cozy space on a balcony that fulfills all your relaxation needs, even if the space is small. Wicker furniture works well on balconies, as do thick cushions, glass top tables, and ottomans for extra seating. Don’t forget to add a few throw pillows and blankets for those nights when you just don’t want to go back inside.


Rustic Fireplace

There is nothing more relaxing than gathering with your family and friends around a fireplace or fire pit. You can easily create a cozy outdoor area complete with furniture and so much more. You can even create a dining area around your fireplace if you wish, so you can enjoy those romantic dinners with the flames dancing in the background.


Courtyard Area

If you have a courtyard area that needs a little TLC, we recommend turning it into a fabulous outdoor living space. You can choose to grow grass or make your life easier by having pavers put in place. Add some comfortable furniture, a dining area, small flower garden, and even a few hanging baskets for a little extra ambiance.

We’ve provided more than enough expert advice on the topic at hand as well as trendy items. Now is your chance to build your dream outdoor living space with all of the ideas we just mentioned, nonetheless if you decide you need a hand… feel free to call us!

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